The language school in Annaberg-Buchholz was founded in 2006 and has been growing consistently since then.

»Those who know nothing of foreign languages
know nothing of their own.«

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832), deutscher Dichter der Klassik, Naturwissenschaftler und Staatsmann
Quelle: Goethe, Maximen und Reflexionen. Aphorismen und Aufzeichnungen. Nach den Handschriften des Goethe- und Schiller-Archivs hg. von Max Hecker, Verlag der Goethe-Gesellschaft, Weimar 1907. Aus Kunst und Altertum, 3. Bandes 1. Heft, 1821

We offer language-based services

Daf für das Abitur

German to start A-Levels

German intensive courses (A1 - C1) with or without final examination (TELC gGmbH)

German to start Vocational Training

German to start Vocational Training

German intensive courses (B2) with or without final examination (TELC gGmbH)

German for Caring Staff

German for Caring Staff

German intensive course with or without final examination "German B1-B2 for Caring Staff" (TELC gGmbH)

Knowing the German language is an important step for a life in Germany and opens a lot of prospects for you. Our courses are right for you, if you want to qualify in a language or learn German quickly, want to obtain your A-levels or study at a German university, if you are an Au Pair, apply for a language visa, want to improve your good knowledge of German, want to complete on of the language levels A1-C1 with an approved certificate or you are an immigrant that wants to take part in an Integration course.

During an individual counseling interview we will find the right type of course for you. Should you already have previous language knowledge, we can offer you a placement test free of charge. All language courses are short and intensive – you can always continue with the next level, but there is no longterm obligation for you.

The language skills reading, writing, listening and speaking are the main focus of our courses. Self-study rooms with course books and computers with internet access can be used for free. A staff member is available during the afternoons to support the learning and help with the homework. The common area is open at all times and contains of a cafeteria with breakfast and lunch provision.