Independency through living together

Next to the school, students live in the connected dormitory. Those are supervised 24/7 and the adolescents are raised to a self-reliant life.


The dormitory has 8 single bedrooms and more than 20 double bedrooms, which all have their own bathroom. The bath includes a shower, toilet and basin. Every room has a TV and a connection to free WiFi is offered as well.

Each resident is responsible for the cleanliness of the room and learns at the school to live an independent lifestyle. Laundry can be done at the downstairs laundry room, where several washers and dryers can be used and the wet clothes can also be hung up to dry.


During the week, all students have full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in our own cafeteria. During these days, everyone can use the small kitchenette in the dormitory to heat up hot drinks or prepare small snacks outside the main mealtimes.

During the weekend and on public holidays, all young adults are catering for themselves. During this time, all residents can use the large and modern-equipped downstairs kitchen. Each person has their own shelf in the fridge to keep their private food fort her personal use.