Neues Gymnasium Glienicke is a state-approved private school located in the county Oberhavel in Brandenburg and we have been cooperating with each other since 2019. The school is located close to several public transportation services that offers the students an easy connection to Berlin and its‘ districts.

The school can be visited from 7th to 12th grade and teaches the following subjects and fields: German, English, second and third languages (French, Spanish, Latin, Russian), Arts, Drama, History, Geography, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, IT, Technology and Sports.

A continuous learning development support is offered each student to further design their individually appropriate learning process. Students should establish their abilities and further build their own interests, needs and inclinations towards different topics, ways of learning and working with the help of the learning development supporters. Neues Gymnasium Glienicke offers each student individually edited development potentialities through new ways of learning and teaching specifically by focussing on more activities, the self-reliance as well as individual responsibility of each learner.

Neues Gymnasium Glienicke

The subjects Arts, Music and History enable the students‘ high competency in reading, build their personal interests and develop an aestetic ability to judge. The courses Biology, Chemistry and Physics offer engagement: with interrelations and processes of nature, with technological achievements in their historical evolution, with the structure and functionality as well as the interdependency between nature and technology. The students learn to use their basic knowledge in their advanced courses like German and Mathematics, to develop their own know-how, skills and capabilities. While studying at the secondary level each person receives a substantiated and detailed, more subject-specific academic education. During the schooldays each learner fully develops their perceptional, communicational and cooperating abilities. In addition, the school offers bilingual studies for English as a target language and project weeks at the end of each year.

The students are taught in blocks of courses: two class hours are connected as one block of 90 minutes. The school canteen offers a warm lunch as well as snacks all day to make sure each student is offered a healthy, balanced diet while at school.

The graduates of the language school are attending 9th or 10th grade depending on their language level at the end of the intensive course. Based on this level, students will continue to improve their language abilities in the core competencies speaking, listening, reading and writing. Additionally, each person will assimilate as best they can to a German way of life. Each participant of the project passes through the German secondary school level just like a German student does and finishes with the A-levels as their final qualification.

Our students live in fully furnished dormitories with all relevant facilities near the school. The housing is located in the district Schönfließ, which can be reached on foot or by bike in 10 minutes. Close-by, a lot of stores and institutions such as a farmers market, supermarkets and snack bars help the students cater to all their necessaries. Each person is supported by their caregiver that is responsible for the dormitories and receives assistance during homework time as well as during their everyday housework duties. During the years at the school, each student builds habits that will help them to live an independent and self-reliant life as an adult.

Neues Gymnasium Glienicke