Neues Gymnasium Potsdam is located at „MedienCampus Babelsberg“, that houses institutions and companies of the media sector such as the Studios Babelsberg, the „Filmpark Babelsberg“ and the „Film university Babelsberg Konrad Wolf“. It is located right next to the train station „Medienstadt Babelsberg“ and students can reach the school easily via bus or regional transport services.

The Gymnasium, also known as Babelsberger Filmgymnasium, focusses on film production, camera handling, sound and cut, which is thematisized in special classes. The school can be visited from 7th to 12th grade and teaches the following subjects and fields: German, Mathematics, English and other foreign languages, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Sciences, Economy, Arts and Sports. As extra curricular options the school offers bilingual studies for English as a target language, dance profile and project courses.

Neues Gymnasium Potsdam

The students are taught in blocks of courses: two class hours are connected as one block of 90 minutes. During the breakfast and lunch breaks, all students have the opportunity to grab a snack or have lunch at the canteen of the school. In addition, the school offers alternative activities in the school building and at the schoolyard to give each student the freedom for an individual break while staying on the school premises. This includes the optional use of the library or cutting room, as well as ball games, dance, Judo and other activities that are offered by teachers and students alike.

Since 2011, the language school is cooperating with Neues Gymnasium Potsdam by sending our graduates to visit the 9th or 10th grade depending on their language level at the end of the intensive course. Based on this level, students will continue to improve their skills while connecting with their fellow students and dealing with the different course topics. The language abilities will further develop in the core competencies speaking, listening, reading and writing through regular homework and extracurricular projects and activities like school trips, visits at the Christmas market or attending dragon boat races. Additionally, each person defines a more European mindset for themselves to support their living and learning in Germany. Everyone has the big opportunity to further explore their own interests during the next 3 to 4 years of studying towards their A-levels and later apply according to their interests at a German university. Each participant of the project passes through the German secondary school level just like a German student does and finishes with the A-levels as their final qualification.

Our students live in fully furnished dormitories with all relevant facilities near the school. The housing is located in the south of Potsdam at the residential area „Am Stern“, right next to the traffic junction „Johannes-Keppler-Platz“. Close-by, a lot of stores and institutions such as a farmers market, the library „Am Stern“, banks, supermarkets, pharmacy and snack bars help the students cater to all their necessaries. Each person is supported by their caregiver that is responsible for the dormitories and receives assistance during homework time as well as during their everyday housework duties. During the years at the school, each student builds habits that will help them to live an independent and self-reliant life as an adult.

Neues Gymnasium Potsdam