In the small town Annaberg-Buchholz, situated in the Ore Mountains, are the headquarters of ASG-Anerkannte Schulgesellschaft mbH, an independent and certified school maintaining body.

Germany is an attractive country to live in; centrally located, the largest country in Europe, with one of the most successful economies in the world. The education system and ist‘ universities are outstanding and highly regarded all over the world.

Project Studying towards A-Levels

ASG offers a highly qualified primary education, which gives the successful graduate the opportunity to apply to any German University, where fees are minimal to non-existent.

We have been managing the project for more than ten years already. Every year between 10 and 20 students graduate from the intensive language course to then participate in the school program. Since 2011, a high number of international students has graduated at our partnering schools and started their studies at different German and Swiss Universities and have become a part of the German society.

Who is eligible?

Those who have finished their mandatory schooling in their native country, usually ages 15-17. Applicants need a student visa from a German Consulate.

What is the time frame for the Project?

Depending on the language skills and overall academic knowledge it takes 4-5 years to be able to apply to University.

Which schools are preparing for the A-Levels?

First, all students have to go through a one-year intensive language course at our language school „Neue Sprachenschule Annaberg International“. During the second to fourth year, in some cases a fifth, the participants study towards their A-Levels at one of our two partnering schools „Neues Gymnasium Potsdam“ or „Neues Gymnasium Glienicke", located near Berlin. Both schools are boarding schools.

Which subjects are being taught?

Neue Sprachenschule Annaberg International teaches German as a Foreign Language. In addition there are subjects like Geography, History, German, English, Sports and Music. The first foreign language at the Gymnasium is English, as a second foreign language Spanish and French are offered. After one year in Annaberg, B2-C1 language tests will certify the level of competence reached by the student. These tests are official examinations according to the European Reference Framework for Languages and are accepted worldwide. Neues Gymnasium Potsdam and Neues Gymnasium Glienicke teach according to the German Government Education Department requirements. Therefore, the successful final examination A-Levels (Abitur) qualifies each student to apply to any German University.

Additional Information

The young students, often only 15-16 years old, receive 24 hour support during their time at the schools in Annaberg as well as in Berlin. Not only academic competence is being developed, but also cultural and personal competence as well. Responsible for academic training, tutoring and leisure time are professional, caring teachers with many years of experience.

Attending school and studying in a foreign country is a challenge for children and parents alike. We would gladly help you while considering our schools for your future education.

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