We have been offering courses “German B2” in preparation for Vocational training since January 2017.

This qualification is aimed at young adults with a finished school education with diploma that would like to start vocational training or want to enroll at a German university after finishing the intensive language course.

The participants are practicing the written and spoken communication in work life situations. Typical work situations will be presented and the verbal skills and terminology with be learned. The knowledge will be practiced in oral and written exercises to give the participants confidence in using their skills. The entire course focuses on the four core competencies speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Project studying towards Vocational Training

At the end of the course, the students take the “telc Deutsch B2” exam to certify the B2 language level based on the Common European Framework of Reference. The certificate B2 documents the independent language use.

A B1 language certificate (telc or Goethe and not older than 6 months) or a certificate „German test for immigrants“ (DTZ) are the requirement for a direct start of the course. In addition, a contract with a vocational facility is required for visa application. Should you not have any of those certificates yet, a preparatory A2-B1 course is needed prior to the course “German B2”.

Course content

  • topics concerning global events

  • building the main vocabulary knowledge including specific terminology for work life

  • free speech during conversations

  • working with text on newspaper level

  • grammatical specifications (written and orally)

  • building the active vocabulary up to 3000 words

  • skilled discussions about topics with up-to-date references

  • practicing written and oral argumentation

  • how to communicate with fellow human beings, co-workers, supervisors

  • information about German everyday work routines

Course length

300-350 hours (each 45 minutes) B1+ and B2 language course
50 hours (each 45 minutes) preparation for exam

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