The course contents are based on the teaching and learning contents as well as goals given by the Common European Framework of Reference. Based on this the course contents are divided into the language levels A1 - C1.

German as a foreign language · Intensive course A1 - C1

Language levelcourseTeaching unitExaminationUsed literature

A1.1    80 TU Start Deutsch 1 Schritte international neu 1,  A1.1
A1.2    80 TU Schritte international neu 2,  A1.2

A2.1    80 TU Start Deutsch 2 Schritte international neu 3, A2.1
A2.2    80 TU Schritte international neu 4, A2.2

B1.1 100 TU Telc Deutsch B1 - Zertifikat Deutsch Schritte international neu 5, B1.1
B1.2 100 TU Schritte international neu 6, B1.2

B1.1 140 TU Telc Deutsch B2 Ziel B2.1
B1.2 140 TU Ziel B2.2

C1.1 120 TU Goethe Zertifikat C1 Ziel C1.1
C1.2 120 TU Ziel C1.2

Course content

  • Free placement test

  • 20 teaching units per week

  • Tests after every finished section

  • Option on extra tuition as preparation for final exams (additional service)

  • Teaching material based on the Common European Framework of Reference

  • Multicultural learning groups with 6 - 12 participants

  • Certificate given by the language school

  • Class topics relevant for everyday life

  • Trial exam at the end of every language level


Our intensive courses take place in a yearly rhythm with two parallel course strands. The entrance into the classes is possible at the beginning of every level section. The dates can be found under "current courses". One language level is finished after 160 - 220 teaching units, with a separation into part one and two each with 80 - 110 teaching units. The course units for one language level are adjustable depending on the course pace (the exceedance for one language level by more than 2o hours has to be charged extra).

10.00 - 11.30 2 TU 2 TU 2 TU 2 TU Optional Preparation for final exams
12.20 - 13.05 1 TU 1 TU 1 TU 1 TU
13.15 - 14.45 2 TU 2 TU 2 TU 2 TU

All courses take place Mondays to Fridays, daily 9.50am – 2.45pm. On Fridays additional teaching units can be booked for exam preparation (not free of charge).

Course composition

The lessons are prepared with material based on the Common European Framework of Reference. The material is aligned with the exam parts prompted in all common examinations for German as a Second Language: reading, listening, written expression and oral expression.  Those four core competencies are built up during classes through topics of everyday life in cooperation with grammar lessons.

The course content focuses on building up those competencies through chapters that are connected to each other by grammar lessons and the everyday content. Grammatical knowledge, vocabulary knowledge, reading and listening comprehension as well as accurate pronunciation are taught during those teaching units.

Teaching method

The classes are based on the competencies reading, listening, written expression and oral expression. All content of the different language levels is communicated in small groups through special methods such as working with texts, listening comprehension, dialogue work in groups, pair work, writing letters and other texts, teaching and application of grammar rules and in intermediate courses the execution of debates and discussion rounds broaching controversial issues.