Wandertag zum Schloss AugustusburgStudents of the school year 2019-2020 set off on an expedition for Castle Augustusburg on 9th July 2020.

After taking the train of the Ore Mountains, the students took a cable-car up to village „Erdmannsdorf“. Our group, consisting of 26 pupils and 5 guardians/ teachers, arrived at our destination in a timely manner. We arrived at Castle Augustusburg and were guided around the palace, receiving an overview of its history as well as some of its well-crafted rooms. We were also able to gaze upon Chemnitz from the roof of the castle. After a short break, the students spent their free time in the Augustusburger- Leisure- Centre, which offers a surplus of activities such as mini golf, giant chess, and an adventure playground. We hiked 170 high meters down the hill upon return. The pupils had a lot of fun and were happy that the weather remained pleasant and calm. This day was a very much needed change to the usual classes, additionally the students could also broaden their knowledge of Sachsen´s culture. In times of the coronavirus, all the pupils were concerned of one another’s safety and adhered strictly to the social distancing rules and wore facemasks in closed spaces.