April 30th all students went climbing at the climbing park with the family of our caregiver. The weather was beautiful with some fresh air in the forest. We met pretty early at the school and drove to the forest together. After we arrived, we put the neccessary gear on with the help of the trainer. The gear had several important parts that we needed to get to know, but it wasn’t as difficult to remember as I had thought before. After we had prepared ourselves, the trainer Benjamin explained us how we should climb and where the difficulties could be found. At the beginning, it was quite difficult for me to use all the different snap hooks that needed to be moved quite frequently during climbing. I got the hang of it at some point though. There are a few different levels of heights and difficulties. My most memorable experience was going on the flying fox across a lake just on a steel rope. That gave me an adrenalin rush. In the end, I tried almost every height and level of difficulty and I could feel all my muscles burning as we needed to use all of them during the climbs. I definitely had some sore muscles during the next days. We had a BBQ at the house of our caregiver after the excursion to the climbing park. All in all, the day was exciting and memorable for me as I had the chance to try a new sport and I really enjoyed the time spent with my fellow students.