KlassenfahrtEvery year during the month of June, the city Annaberg organizes the fair „Kät“. This year, it happened from 01.06. to 10.06. and it is remarkable that it has been organized for 498 years already.
Of course, we had to visit. We took part in the activities and thought that it was amazing as we could have so much fun on the rides and enjoying the food and drinks.

There were different carousels, a ferris wheel, bumper cars and many other attractions. The best ride was V-Maxx. With 12km/h the huge arm of the machine spun us around and flipped us over. It is not for the faint hearted! We couldn’t take in all our surroundings as the speed was so fast. Afterwards we played at the arcades and did some food shopping at the different snack stands. It was wonderful.
At the evening, we visited the disco party that had been organized for the fair. We didn’t know most of the songs, but we enjoyed it anyways. Especially the German songs were great for dancing. The biggest highlight was the firework during the last night of the fair with its‘ many colors and pictures.

Definitely worth a visit!