Leben im Wohnheim und Unterricht während der Covid-19 PandemieThe life for the students of the school year 2019- 2020 had become a special challenge during their time in Annaberg , because the Covid-19 Virus broke out in Europe in the beginning of March. In Germany, all schools must be closed from 3.18 to 4.22, and courses will be replaced by online classes and offline tasks. At the same time, Annaberg and state Sachsen implemented a weeks-long exit lock, that means, citizens are prohibited from leaving their residences except for important daily life activities and necessary material purchases. The students are very concerned about this policy because all of the 26 students live in the same dorm. The ban on going out restricts shopping in supermarkets, sports in stadiums need to be adjusted, and all school courses are changed to online teaching. For most of the day, students stay in their rooms. The combination of the learning platform and digital communication program enables students to successfully complete their next learning goals. In addition, all students try to exercise regularly in the schoolyard, in order to get more fresh air.

Four weeks later, the policy was relaxed, and the students could return to normal classrooms through Safety precaution (keeping 2 meters and wearing masks and face masks). We are all very happy about, that the language school can continue to operate normally.