Wanderung zum Schloss AugustusburgStudents of class 2020-2021 participated in the hiking to the castle Augustusburg on July 7th, 2021.

After a trip with the train of Erzgebirge, we changed to the cable car in Erdmannsdorf. This brought our group of 11 students and 5 teachers to the village Augustusburg in a short time. We reached an altitude of about 170 meters. There was a torture chamber under the castle, which presents us a lot of cruel ways that people were tortured during the middle ages. Then we took part in a 90-minute discovery tour of the castle. The students learned more about the history of its construction and visited many rooms with different functions. Everybody visited the Well House and got to know how difficult it was to build the well during the middle ages. When the sun shines, you can catch a picturesque view of Chemnitz from the roof of the castle.

After a short refreshment, everyone could relax in the Augustusburg leisure center with mini golf, chess, adventure playground, and the summer sleds track. After enjoying this relaxation, we walked across the forest and returned to the village Erdmannsdorf. Unfortunately, it had gotten late and we missed the train. During the waiting time, we listened to music, relaxed a bit, drank coffee… until the train to Annaberg finally arrived.