On Monday, 25 January, the students learning at “Sprachenschule Annaberg” visited the musical “FAME”. All participants from “Intensive Course German as a Foreign Language” accompanied by Ms Krautz as well as the refugees attending the “starter course for asylum seekers with good perspectives” by teacher Ms Kaplan took part in the event. It started at 10 a.m. and lasted till 1 p.m. It took place in the theater “Eduard-von-Winterstein” located in Annaberg-Buchholz. An Intermission was included between act number one and two. The performance had its premiere on 22 March 2015, and was enacted by Ms Tamara Korber. The musical interlude was made by Peggy Einfeldt and Markus Teichler.

The musical is based on the movie “Fame” by Alan Parker (1980). The plot is the following: At the New York City High School students gain special training in acting, singing and dancing. The musical shows the students´ path from audition to graduation. Different characters with distinguishing traits perform in it. Nick who wants to gain success in acting is mostly sober and concentrated. Serena is displaced as a shy person. Her counterpart Joe Vegas is performing the Casanova role. The illiterate Jack spends his energy rather on Hip-Hop classes than his school. Sexy dancer Carmen Diaz meets the boisterous musician Grace, named “Keule”. There follows the confident character Mabel, the musical genius Schlomo and the ballerina Iris Kelly. The training covers 4 years of hard work where everyone reaches for fame and recognition. Besides its students, the New York High School has very tough teachers. Among them English Professor Ms Sherman who puts emphasis on academical training as well. Therefore she has disputes with Jack concerning school. All in all different themes such as love, hate, envy and success are made a subject of discussion in this performance.

All visitors loved to see the musical because of its fantastic dancers and singers as well as its stage setting.