On May 4th the entire school visited the Eduard-von-Winter-Stein-Theater in Annaberg to watch the show „Cabaret“. This piece tells a story that happened in Berlin around 1929-1930. In the centre of the storyline are two love stories. One is about the writer Cliff. He fell in love with the dancer Sally, who worked at the Kit Kat Club. In the end, they separated as their ideas of a fulfilled life were to different from one another. The second story is about the older Miss Schneider and the Jewish fruit merchant Mr. Schultz. They fell in love and wanted to get married. Sadly, it was forbidden to marry a Jewish at that time and Miss Schneider would lose her hostel should they marry. As she was scared about the denunciation, she broke the engagement. In between, a lot of dances and songs that played at the Kit Kat Club loosened up those two storylines. During the final scene all characters died as they were gasified by the NS regime.

I was extremely surprised by this beautiful theatre play. I was drawn in by the atmosphere. The deeper meaning of the play was well illustrated through those two storylines, the dances and songs. The actors played well and I was especially impressed by actors Nick Körber and Sebastian Schlicht. They depicted the emotions of their roles really well. Should I get the chance, I would definitely want to see this play once again. Sadly, the next showing is only happening during the Winter shows of 2018.